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How To Make L Shaped Sofa In Sims 3

RFA - Revit FAmily

To start a family component, you need to know what you want to do! It's stupid to say! Your ideas
determine how to approach the creation of the family.

1 - Making a sketch, collect the material on the item (photos, DWG, technical documentation ...)

To better understand the achievement of an item, nothing can replace a good drawing hand! Also, it is good to sketch (more) situational element.

Sketches should show the building geometric element and the future parameters. This exercise
sketches become more fluid after having made several Revit families.

Etudes_croquis Etudes détails

2 - Asking the right questions:

- What are the dimensions may vary? Revit is a parametric software. This term hides including the ability to manage different length values on the same geometry. Must manage a catalog of types? ; Either the item is fixed element requires the axes of rotation?

- How element should appear in different views?
3D representation, seen in plan, section, elevation ... detail.

- What is the origin of the item? The choice of the insertion point of the element is important because it will determine how to use the item in the project. Once the family used in the project, it will be advisable to change the insertion point.

- element it requires a host?
standard component can be constrained to a host: wall, floor, ceiling, roof, front line, levels or free.
Choosing a host is irreversible and determines its mode of insertion into the project.

3 - What's this?

Obviously, the category of object is determined. If you're familiar with Revit, it is easy to determine as the family type. Families of standard components are made from templates. They are working environments whose contents vary depending on the selected category.

Below is a flowchart templates families in Revit Architecture 2011.

4 - The template family

all starts here by choosing the template. The above three points should guide you.

What is a template?
A template includes a family environment to create a family: there are a host (wall, floor, ceiling, roof, front line or two levels) or without host families freely insertable into the project. The template also has at least two planes of reference defining the insertion point of the element. Parameters can be preset. Then last parameter, the template determines the category of family member. Family type can be changed while the host is not interchangeable.

Depending on the choice of the template, you must categorize the element:
The following diagram shows the possible categories based on templates.

For everyday use, use the predefined templates.

Gabarits des familles

categories of families outside Revit Architecture 2011


Sanitary Equipment Specialized equipment mechanics

Electrical Installations Electrical Lighting

Cabinets Furniture

Generic Models
Characters * Plants *

Poles Poles
holders **
footings Site

Furniture Systems

Annotation generic
Cartridges Labels *
Labels Labels
detail elements of specialized equipment
Labels Window Labels
Labels Labels materials
Labels generic
Labels Labels
walls of notes Identification Labels
revision clouds
Labels panel curtain wall
Labels Parking Labels
Labels Labels Labels plants
Labels Labels bearing posts
Labels soles Labels
shooting site soil

Labels Labels Labels
soil volumes of surfaces of roofs

Labels Labels Labels
volume fixtures for stairways

Labels Labels for electrical fixtures

Labels Labels Labels
cabinets for furniture systems for mechanical equipment
Labels Labels for

Ends electrical grid line
Ends of lines Marks cutting
Markers Markers level details

Property line segments labels Reference to

Symbols Symbols connection
bracing in plan views
Symbols elevation
Titles for

management RPC format * **
specific template with two levels
* prefer templates cartridge

Thus, purely theoretical, it can be considered 20 categories of model (CAR) x 8 or 160 guests creation environments families! (Without taking into account the specific families templates)

must also consider the possibility of using the categories of other disciplines:


5 - Start a family

Menu of Application> New> Family .... choice of the template.
A template file has the extension RFT family ...

RFT Editeur

That's the second post on the topic of families. If you have comments, questions ... I'm all ears.


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